5G-Vinni project details

The telecom tv series covers about 5G-Vinni project and the participants that are involved in this are       

  1. guy daniels ( director of content, Telecom TV)
  2. Pal Gronsund( senior research scientist at Telenor and 5G-Vinnie co-ordinator)
  3. David Kennedy(director of EURESCOM)

5G- Vinni or 5G verticals innovation infrastructure is an EU based venture that brings together 23 partners

The goal is to build and test 5G with network slicing to accelerate the uptake of 5G deployment in Europe

At this instant 5G-Vinni has enabled over 30 use cases covering a range of different sectors

What are the objectives of the 5G-Vinni project?

According to Pal Gronsund the main objective of 5G-Vinni is to build an end-to-end 5G facility across Europe with two main purposes

The first is to validate the 5G key performance such as

  1. Throughput
  2. Latency
  3. Availability
  4. security

The second is to make it open and available for experimentation across Europe

So far, 5G-Vinni has built the 5G facilities in countries such as Norway, UK, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Germany and also linking them together so that to perform rigorous performance testing plus, to make it possible they have built a set of automated tools to continuously test the network

Building a 5G technology includes a collaboration of technologies such as radio network, transport network, Cloud, Central and edge locations, core networks, the end-to-end orchestration

On the other hand, in the medical sector, they are doing remote ultrasounds and use cases which is called Pill Cam basically, it is a pill that will be swallowed by a patient to detect the colon cancer

On the ports, they are working on digitizing the supply chain to automate the cranes and vehicles

For the military, they are building a high security 5G network embedded with military-grade system’s

In the agriculture sector, they deploy edge clouds that runs analytics on video stream’s from the fish to detect disease on the fish plus counts the population and size the fish to optimize the harvesting  of fish farming

5G-Vinni is a 5G-ppp project which is funded by Europe’s horizon 2020 initiative then whats Eurescom role in the 5G-ppp program

David Kennedy “Eurescom is a project management company as well as helping telenor to establish the 5G-Vinni project. We have been involved in the coordination and support activities of the entire program, over the last seven year’s  we have got 92 projects as part of the 5G-ppp”

How does 5G-Vinni fit into the overall program?

David: 5G-Vinni is an infrastructure project that is tailored made to the specific needs of different services and from the operational point of view it has to be presented  ( services) in an integrated way without impacting each other

Mutilple services run in one infrastructure and each has a different set of quality parameters some need low latency and others need high throughput but the real ambition is to deliver all of these through the same infrastructure in a coherent managed way

What 5G-Vinni is achieved so far?

Pal:  successfully implemented 5G facility for experimentation across Europe and did extensive research in the area of technology development within orchestration and automation, network slicing, the 5G infrastructure, and also performed the performance evaluation of 5G to understand what it can deliver to the customer  

David: 5G-Vinni made a major contribution in determining the viable architecture for future 5G networks and also tested validated ideas

The multiple test cases of the project are all part of making sure that have the right answers and also knowing the fact that it works

What is the importance of orchestration and automation in 5G?

Pal: 5G is not possible without orchestration and automation


Because as the number of 5G network slices and also 5G private networks increase’s  at this instance, there will be many networks to manage and it will be difficult to manage them efficiently

So orchestration reduces the complexity and human errors plus automates the provisioning of these services into a network to make it efficient to the end customers 

Therefore, 5G-Vinni has invested a significant amount of  time and resources into orchestration and automation

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