what is GitHub?What is Git? Why developers should use it?

What is Github?

Github is a world largest git repository hosting service, that allows us to create and maintain repositories on their website also allows to integrate local repository with GitHub repository

Let me explain you in a simple way

Github is a free platform where you can publish your own code on it free but wait! you can’t make, your own code private on Github

Why ?

Because if you want to make our own code private then at that instant, you have to pay GitHub

What is Git?

Git is a version control system(software) that maintains and stores information of each and every change made to the files and directories

There are two categories of VCs

  • A centralized version control system  (CVCs)
  • A distributed version control system (DVCS)

Examples of CVCS: perforce (paid), CVS(open source), subversion(open source)

Examples of DVCS: mercurial (paid), git (open source)

Why developers should use it?

  • Helps you to work with multiple developers to coordinate with a set of files
  • A tool that tracks changes in the code
  • Answer questions like, who made changes which line of code, what is the difference b/w the last month version and the current version, which code section is changed more often, how many lines of code changed compared to the previous release, this questions will be valuable to track bug
  • It is better to use git, everything we do in source code control, phone number list, documentation, the procedure to build and release, even the blog  text which I am writing 

What is a repository?

The repository is a file record or a collection of source code hosted on a remote server, which can be accessed by privately or publicly

What is a client?

The software is used to communicate with the remote server

What is communication?

Communication means accessing the (reading/ writing files) of the repository.

How to use Git?

When  we used git client as the bash terminal or a program like IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Android studio which will have a GUI to access repository or a project from the remote server

When did git is first launched?

Git was first launched in 2005 by Linus Torvalds

How to create a repository on GitHub

For small projects, you can easily copy and paste it into the GitHub but for larger projects, you can use commands

  • Open Github account
  • Click on your GitHub account profile icon [on your pic icon]
  • Next from the list select your repositories option
  • At this time, click on a new button icon
  • After that, create a new repository by typing the repository name and description then click next
  • Thereafter, select the option called uploading an existing file
  • As I said, just drag or drop or else choose your files from your pc
  • Finally, click Commit changes

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