What is a variable in C language

What is a variable in C language       

Variable is a box which stores the values

Always use meaningful names for variables to reduce confusion in the code with names

Remember: to fully define a variable, one need to mention not only its data type but also its storage class

Declaring  variables

A variable has to be declared first to use

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Initializing variables

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Numeric  variables

The numeric variables which we can use in C are first of all, Integer values. second, Floating point values. third, In C, we can use four modifiers

 With numeric  variables, we can use the four modifiers

Character  variables

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constant is variable and its values does not change. next, constant variables used for fixed values ( pi=3.14;)

Always make meaningful variable names

suppose if you are making a banking system it is advisable to create meaningful names to avoid confusion and complexity

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Rules for variables name creation

  1. a  variable name should be any combination of 1 to 31 alphabets, underscores
  2. the first character of a variable should be an alphabet or an underscore(_)
  3. there should not be any blank space or commas in the variable name
  4. there should not be any special symbol except underscore

What are literals and identifiers in a programming language?

In programming language constants are called literals and variables are called identifiers

consider a constant variable is box whose values are fixed. and a variable is a box whose values can be changed.

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