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How to verify domain ownership via dns record godaddy

in short, the blog covers the two methods by which you can verify domain ownership via dns record godaddy

Verify site ownership

in brief, verification is a process through which you are validating to google that you are the true owner of the property

thus, by proving your ownership you are limiting others to view your search related data on the web

For already existing google console account

  • Login  to your google console account
  • Click Add property
google search console + Add property

For a new user for the google console account

at this time, first, create an account in google search console

From here—>

after all, there are two ways by which you could verify your ownership

  • Domain
  • URL prefix

in reality, the Domain method it is easy to verify that’s why we go with the domain method

this time, enter your domain  name without HTTP/HTTPS

verify domain ownership via dns record

on the whole, there are two ways by which you can verify your account ownership

  • Automated
  • Manual

Automated verify your account ownership

If you find the option in the Any DNS provider section then click verify or else if you are not able to see Godaddy .com in the list

At this instant, you can go with the manual method for verify domain ownership via DNS record

verify domain ownership via dns record

Click start verification

godaddy dns record verification

You will be redirected to godadddy login page

Enter the login credentials  and click Authorize

ownership verified

If your ownership verification failed then wait for 24h and check again

 sometimes for a newer site, it takes time for DNS propagation

manually verify your account ownership

first, log in to the GoDaddy account

  • Go to my products —> DNS
DNS godaddy

Copy the google verification code

ADD verification record on Godaddy

  • At the downward side of the record list, click ADD and select the type as TXT
  • In the host box enter @
  • Paste the verification code in the TXT value box
  • In the TTL box keep the default value and click save
  • Go back to the google search console and click verify

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