How to come up with project ideas for programmer’s

Hey there! Are you a beginner, who started learning a programming language and find the hardest part in the programming language learning is coming up with ideas to create a new project

Many students face this problem, when they are learning any programming language, they will have a nightmare to come up with a new idea to create a project

Suppose, you just finished learning a programming language and if you ask to come up with a project idea, it will not be easy to come up with new ideas or conceive project design until and less you have completed a lot of them

Lot of them feel collapse, and dump also assume that they are not good enough for programming

The dark truth: is no one can create a project from scratch

Ideas are just combination’s of things what already exist and by putting them together we create our idea

According to the book called  design pattern’s ( Elements of reusable object-oriented software) in which he gives a good analogy to illustrate this point

An analogy: playwright’s and novelist rarely make their design plot from scratch

In reality: they follow existing pattern’s  like “Macbeth”, “Tragically flawed hero”, “Hamlet”, “The romantic novel”

The barbaric truth about programming project ideas

The ideas come automatically once you know or created existing programming projects from GitHub

Therefore it is very effortful for beginner to conceive a project design idea from scratch    

An analogy:

Have you ever heard the eye-opening concept called benchmarking if not, then let me help you

According to management by James A.F Stones, R.Edward Freeman Daniel R.Gilbert, JR

 Benchmarking: the procedure of finding the best existing product features or services and copying them as a standard for developing a company’s products or services

The concept of benchmarking is not something new, in the late 1970s Xerox company used benchmarking tool as a key to continuous improvement

The concept of benchmarking is also applied to project-based learning in programming, you need to see and used the existing projects to come up with your design

Another analogy 

Lots of artists when they are developing their skill in the painting they will not come up with new pieces of painting first, they start copying the existing painting and paint exactly the existing painting

They start creating an exact copy of the first existing painting






In the process of copying from exacting  painting, they develop their painting

The horrific truth: is that you don’t  have to come up with a new  design idea, it will come automatically once you know a lot of it

According to becoming steve jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli

Steve say’s,  you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”

Novice student always frustrated about things like how to have project ideas on IoT, web development, java, python

Remember: we cannot invent totally new things, people who invented new things from scratch, it rarely happens

The resources that you could always use to have clarity on project ideas

Warping up: at the beginning, you won’t be able to get   ideas but by practicing and making an exact copy of existing programming project from GitHub you develop your idea of how to create a project

Almost everything in the world was copied  exactly what is existed and improved and there are very rare or few things that come new or original

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