Who else wants to set up their wifi modem setup?

Basic concept for modem setup

In this blog, you will know how to set up a modem, if you have any modem then see its bottom side to know IP address and username, password. The modem which I have,  it has an IP address as and username: admin password: admin

d-link modem

Step by step way to set up a D-link modem setup

Take a modem and put power and DSL cable in it then press ON button back side of the modem

When wifi network is on then select D-LINK  wifi in your pc

Step1: open a web browser

Open a web browser and enter the IP address which you have found at the bottom of your modem

The IP address I have is and username: admin, password: admin

Step2:  set up wizard

Select: set up wizard, then  select next

Now you have to change your default password which is admin and always remember that your username will be an admin

Your current password: admin

New password: local

Confirm password: local

Then click next, the password  (local) is set to the username (admin) for the device(modem), which should be noted  in a book.

Step 3: set date and time

Here you have to set the time zone of the palace where you stay, so I selected option(GMT+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai,new delhi because I stay in india then click next.

dsl 2750u

Step 4: select the service provider

First, select the country(India) then select the service provider(BSNL) when you select the service provider, a new option will be visible as PPPOE, where you have to enter the username and password which is provided by the service provider

now to get this username and password I called the service provider(BSNL)  customer care and asked the username and password they provided a username as(anees2887_scdrid@ldmt.in)

And the password is the same as password.

setup internet connection

Step5:  set a wireless network

Here you have to give a name (xiaomi) to the wireless network of your device and password with at least 8 letters long with a combination of numbers and letters, now we are ready with our wifi network(xiaomi) with password then click next

wireless network

Step6: Apply

Now click apply, then wifi network will be set up, remember wifi password and the device(modem) password is different.

setup summary

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