Install plugins in the Vim with Vundle plugin manager

in sum,to install plugins in Vim text editor for customizing it, you need two things

  1. .vimrc file
  2. Vundle plugin manager (or any other package manager)

If you are a beginner to Linux terminal and don’t know how to install vim text editor then in that case, click the below link to install it

Click here

Also if you don’t know how to create a .vimrc file then create a .vimrc file with the below link

Click here

At this instance, we will install the Vundle plugin manager by below-mentioned steps also we will install a plugin called NERDTree so, that you become comfortable with the Vundle plugin manager

Step #1: install git

in the first place, you need git to clone the Vundle repository

to be sure, you can check whether you have git in your machine by the below command

git --version

If you don’t have git then you can install git by below command

sudo apt-get install git

Step #2: clone the Vundle repository

in reality, to clone the Vundle repository you need to copy and paste the below link in your terminal in the home directory

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

this time, to copy, you can use short key shift+Ctrl   c  and  to paste use shift+Ctrl  v

Step #3: Edit .vimrc file

First, open the terminal and type the below command to open the vimrc file and use i to edit the file

vim ~/.vimrc

Second, copy the below command and paste it on the top of the .vimrc file  

set nocompatible             
filetype off  
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
call vundle#begin()
Plugin 'VundleVim/Vundle.vim'
call vundle#end()            
filetype plugin indent on 

Step #4: search the required plugin

at the present time, for illustration purpose, we are installing NERdTree plugin and to install the plugin you need to paste the plugin code into the vimrc file

as a matter of fact, to find the different types of plugins you can use the below link

Click here

At this instant, you should copy and paste the plugin command which we have found  on the website between line 6 and line 7 or ( #begin() and # end())

Plugin 'vbundles/nerdtree'

Step #5: save the .vimrc file

As shown above, we have mentioned the NERDTree plugin command into the.vimrc file next, save the file, and exit

this time, to exit the file follow two steps

First, tap ESC

Second, paste the below command to save and exit


Step #6: Install the plugins

on this occasion, open the .vimrc file again by below command

vim ~/.vimrc

First, Use i  to edit .vimrc file

Second, tap ESC

Third, type the below command


Step #7: check whether you install the plugin rightly

As you know, for illustration purpose we install the plugin called NERDTree so, to launch the install plugin type the below command


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