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IEEE Standards

Ieee standards are a set of standards developed by the computer society of the IEEE to set the standards for communication among different manufactures  devices and it is adapted by ANSI, and, ISO also approved it

The Project 802 of the IEEE standard does not build to replace any part of  the OSI model but it is a way to specify the physical layer and data link layer

What is IEEE 802.11? and what is Wi-Fi?

The IEEE group has defined certain specifications for WLANs(wireless LANs) known as IEEE 802.11 that covers the physical and data link layers

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi Alliance provides the interoperability testing for 802.11 WLAN devices

The Wi-Fi is a general term which is given by Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless stands such as

  • Wi-Fi 6 for the wireless standard 802.11ax
  • Wi-Fi 5 for the wireless standard 802.11ac

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What is Wi-Fi  Certification?

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a worldwide organization that follows the standardized 802.11 processes for the development of WLAN devices

You can visit the official website of Wi-Fi Alliance from here —–>

The purpose of Wi-Fi certificates is to provide assurances that Wi-Fi devices and applications have met the highest standard to operate in different environments such as interoperability, security

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced simplified generation names to simplify the identification of Wi-Fi devices

Generation nameTechnology supported
Wi-Fi 7802.11be (in development)
Wi-Fi 6802.11ax
Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac
Wi-Fi 4 802.11n

WLAN support in windows operating system

If you are a window user then you can view the type of wireless standard your device can support

First, open the command prompt by short key win+r  and type cmd

Second, type the command in the command prompt as “netsh wlan show drivers

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