How to view your webcam on a laptop for zoom calls and OBS studio

Do you know? How to view your default laptop camera? if you are a window user then  It will be an easy task,  you can view the laptop camera in two steps

First click win

Second: in the search bar type camera

External webcam

Suppose in case if you have an external webcam then you can switch default webcam by external webcam by following four steps

First: plugin the external webcam into the PC

Second: tap win

Third: in the search bar type device manager

Fourth: right-click the default camera and disable it

Congratulations! You have set up external webcam on your laptop

Note: in case if you would like to switch from an external webcam to a default webcam then you need to enable your default webcam in the device manager

OBS studio

If you are using OBS studio software then you can set your cam by following steps

First, go to + sign

Second, select the video capture device and press ok

Note: you can also shrink the size of cam and you can positioned it where ever you like

Similarly you can also set microphone by clicking +sign and selecting audio input capture

How to record best quality videos from OBS studio

First, go to tools options from the tools bar

Second,  select the auto-configuration wizard

Third, from the three options choose to optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming

Fourth, click next and next

Note: always keep your base(canvas )resolution to the size of your display (primary monitor)

You can view the size of your display by right-clicking on the display capture option from the sources window

How to view full-screen view in OBS studio

To view full screen in OBS studio

First, first right click on the video capture device from the sources window

Second, select option as a full-screen projector(source)

How to change video recording format to MP4

To change the video recording format to MP4 follow three steps mentioned below

First, from the controls option open settings

Second, select the output option

Third, at this instant change the recording format to MP4

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