How to use screen application with Linux

The screen is an application that allows you to create multiple terminals in a single terminal and you use the command mentioned below to install it

sudo apt install screen

To use screen application in terminal first you need to type command screen then press enter

The majority of the screen application commands work with the below logic

  1. press and hold Ctrl
  2. withholding Ctrl then tap a
  3. next release Ctrl
  4. tap d or any desired letter to do a task

To split the window horizontally

To split the terminal horizontally you need  the following keyword shown below

Ctrl+a  then  S

NOTE: the s is capital in the above keyword so, you need to press shift first then s

Create another split by the below keyword

Ctrl+a:   then   :split

To move the cursor from one split to another split use the keyword mentioned below

Ctrl+a  then  Tab

As you have moved the cursor from the first split to the second split then start using the second  split by creating a new window

Ctrl+ a then  c

You can remove any individual split by using below short key

Ctrl+a:  then  :remove

To split the window  vertically

You can split a terminal vertically by using a short key as shown below

Ctrl+a then |

 Note: To use the vertical bar symbol in pc first press the shift then the vertical bar

To view the next session

Ctrl+a  then n

To view the previous session

Ctrl+a  then  p

Exit the screen application

To exit from the screen application or detach you can use below short key

Ctrl+a then d

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