How to install Mininet with virtual box

Mininet is a network emulator and to install Mininet on window OS you need two things

  1. Mininet disk image
  2. Virtual box

Download the Mininet disk image

You can download the Mininet disk image from the below link

Click here

Download any one of the link from the above links and unzip it

Download the virtual box

You can download and install the virtual box from below mentioned link

Click here

Open the installed Virtualbox to import Mininet disk image into virtual box

First, click file then click import appliance and navigate to the Mininet folder where the OVF file is located

Press next, then import

As you have successfully installed the Mininet then press start to power on the Mininet

Enter   login as: mininet


Some basic commands for Mininet

Most of the Linux terminal commands will also work in Mininet

Test internet connectivity in Mininet by using the below command


To exit the ping command use keyword ctrl+c

If the Mininet is not connected to the internet then you will see the error mentioned below Temporary failure in name resolution

To exit Mininet type the command mentioned below


You can use screen application in Mininet by using the below command

sudo apt-get install screen

If you don’t know how to use screen application then click the below link

Click here

How to use Mininet with MobaXterm

At this instant, you might ask why we need to use MobaXterm can’t we work with Mininet

Yes! You can work with Mininet without Mobaxterm but if you use MobaXterm  you will be much more efficient  

with the help of MobaXterm, you can work with Mininet in your host operating system

you can download the MobaXterm free version from here

Click here

Next, open your virtual box

  • Select Mininet machine —>  then select settings
  • Choose network —>  and set adapter 1 to Bridged adapter —> then press ok

At this point,  start the Mininet machine and check whether your Mininet machine can receive internet by the below command


If your Mininet machine is in working condition

Then check the IP address of your Mininet machine by below command


From the above picture, the IP address is in your case it might be different

At this instant, open the MobaXterm and ping the IP address of Mininet


If the ping works then you can log in to Mininet from MobaXterm by using the below command

ssh mininet@

Use password as mentioned below


With the help MobaXterm, you will be able to copy content by Ctrl+c and can paste it by simply right click

How to create a new session in MobaXterm

To create a new session in Mobaxterm first, you need to click session from toolbar second, select SSH

Third, fill the remote host as the IP address of your Mininet machine )

Fourth, specify the username as Mininet and port as 22

Fifth: press ok

sixth: enter the password as Mininet

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