How to install Arduino ide in ubuntu and use it through virtual box

If you have a host operating system as a window os, and, would like to use Arduino ide in Linux so, that you can write Arduino scripts in Linux and can run  the scripts on an Arduino board through a virtual box

Before we install Arduino-ide through the terminal, we should install snap package(software deployment and package management system)

But, why?

Because it helps you install the latest available application, utilities for servers, cloud, desktop, and, iot

Install snap

sudo apt install snapd

then install the latest version of Arduino

sudo snap install arduino

consequently, launch the install Arduino-ide, by going to show application icon on your ubuntu-desktop, and, type “Arduino” in the search bar to find Arduino

in short, if you like, you can drag and drop the arduino ide from show application to favorite list on the desktop

as soon as, you launch the arduino-ide, a “grand permission” will pop up, at this instant, note down the command shown in the popup and type it in the terminal

this time, close the popup by clicking ok

in my case, I see a command in the popup

sudo usermod -a -G dialout anees

power off or shut down the ubuntu

configure the virtual box

first, plugin in your Arduino board into a USB port of your pc then open the virtual box and goto setting option and on the USB section click add new USB, next, select the Arduino board which you are using, and, press ok

at this instant, start the Ubuntu machine which is present in the virtual box, and once, it starts then go to show application icon and type Arduino to see Arduino ide

launch the Arduino ide and set the board by going to tools

you don’t need to set port it will be set automatically

Test the configuration setup

Finally, to test the configuration setup, do the followings steps

First, click on file—->examples—->Basics—–>Blink

At that instant, a new window of blink script will pop so, that you can test configuration setup

as soon as, the script is uploaded on the board you will notice the led lights of your board will blinking

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