How to install and configure CMake in windows

Step#1: download Cmake

  • Download the Cmake software through this link—>
  • Go to the download section
  • Select option as window’s x64 zip
  • After complete download extract files by using WinRAR software

Step#2: set binaries

  • Open the CMake folder and locate the bin folder
  • Open the bin folder and copy the path
  • C:\Users\Mohammed Anees\Desktop\libraries\Cmake\cmake-3.20.1-windows-x86_64\cmake-3.20.1-windows-x86_64\bin

Now go to this pc—>properties—>advanced system settings—> environment variables

Select the path and edit it

Don’t delete the existing path but first, add(semicolon ; ) before the path and then paste it

In some pc, you might get a different window like below in that case you no need to add( semicolon ; ) just click new and paste  the bin path

Step#3: check whether you install it right

  • Win+x —>Go to Run —> type CMD—> then type the command cmake – -version

Step#3: Create CMake-GUI on desktop

  • Open CMake folder—>bin—> CMake-gui—> right click—> send to desktop

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