How to customize vim text editor with the. vimrc file

If you are a beginner who hasn’t used vim text editor then you can follow the below link to install vim text editor on your machine

Click here

Have you ever used vim text editor with Linux terminal then  you might have noticed that the default vim editor is quite boring 

So, to make vim text editor more user friendly, we customized it

You can follow the below steps to customize your vim text editor

Step #1: create a .vimrc file

Open the terminal by using  a short key ctrl+Alt   T 

Now you can create a .vimrc file in your home directory by using the below command

vim ~/.vimrc

With the above command, a blank file will open up

Step #2: edit the .vimrc file

To edit the vimrc file first, you need press i to insert text into the file

You need to fill the blank file with the required commands and Plugins

set number

With the above command, your default vim will get a number for every line

To indent the code in the right order, use the command mentioned below

set smartindent

There are many such commands are available to customize the vim text editor, you can find some commands here

Click here

If you don’t know how to install and use plugins in vim then click the below link

Click here

Step #3: save and exit the vimrc file

As you have filled the required commands and plugins in the .vimrc then you can save and exit the file

First, tap Esc

Second, type the command mentioned below to save and exit the .vimrc file


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