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Computer language vs human language what’s the difference

Do you know? What is the difference between computer language and human language? What makes them different from each other? Then let me explain to you

“As software engineers trained to turn ambiguity into absolute and fuzzy requirements into one’s and zero’s, we had a ‘eureka’ moment when we realized that our training had when we realized that our training had broader,real-world applications” (Walter O’Brien)

We all know that the computer understands instruction given by us, what to do. It would be nice if we could tell the computer what we want as in science fiction movies, even if we could do also, our human language is full of ambiguity and imprecision.

Example: suppose if I say, I saw a bird on the tree branch with telescope yesterday at 6 pm, Then how can a computer understand this

The computer does not know what is a bird? who are you? what is 6 pm? , what is a tree branch? what is yesterday? where did you saw a bird? to express this simple sentence to a computer we have to actually create each word(bird, tree, telescope) into programming instruction, however our human language simple in a sense with help of common knowledge we share.

Human communication

we share a lot of common knowledge and experience so, with little words you can communicate easily.

Human to computer communication

being human you have a lot of experience and common knowledge that computers will not

so, in order to communicate with the computer, you have to  describe each element of the  whole picture

The truth is human language communication contains common knowledge. which they share with each other but when it comes to the computer. the computer does not have any common knowledge stored with it so that, it could directly understand us.

So the barrier between us and a programming language is the common knowledge and experience that we have.

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