Beware speech impediment problem and speech four principles

Are you suffering from a speech impediment? let me share you my experience during schooling days

I did my bachelor’s in electrical communication and engineering during my bachelor’s study period. we have to give presentations and seminars related to our project

while during the initial days it was a very difficult task to do. So one day I asked for speech impediment advice from my English teacher, how to deliver a speech in front of so many students and professors.

After listening to my queries my English teacher suggested some principles to make my speech more pleasant and capturing


she suggested that we should not try to memorize word for word. If we do, we will forget one word, that’s when the hemming and hawing starts. Even if we do not forget part of it, our speech will sound memorized and that tends to alienate our listeners


every speaker has in mind certain points which he wants to get across to his audience. If he does not prepare at all, many of these points may be forgotten.


the best way to prepare our speech is to lay it out thought for thought list, the thoughts we wish to communicate on a piece of paper in sequence and let these be our notes for the entire speech .in this way we are not memorizing word for word, yet we are not speaking extemporaneously either.

we know what we want to say about each idea .as we speak all we have to do is glance down at our notes each time we are finished speaking on one point. go to the next point and so on to the conclusion of the talk. one thing we should prepare or have clearly in mind is the conclusion.


the ending of our speech is probably the most important part of it. The part most remember by our audience simply because it’s the last thing they will hear we say

While these were the four principles that helped me in delivering a speech in university. So after mastering all the principles suggested by my English teacher .i I became more confident in my self when it comes to delivering a speech .

During this period I also learned .how to make my speech more pleasant and capturing. For that whether it be formal or informal, should be entertaining

If we can tell jokes or anecdotes well, it will be better .make the audience smile or laugh occasionally and they will be more interested in the serious parts of the speech. 

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