The best way to learn c programming language effortlessly

The best way to learn C programming language

Let’s jump in

Learn  the  fundamentals  of C

Little advance topics

Advance: learn data structures and algorithms

  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Linked lists
  • Queues
  • Stacks

Learn  their basic operations

Traversing, deleting, inserting, searching

Choosing a textbook

To be honest, I haven’t studied all the textbooks that are available on the market but I like to share the experience through which I learned the c programming

Start with reading a book called “ let us C by Yashavant Kanetkar”  because it is easier to understand

On the other hand, you will not find some concepts that are related to C such as “Dynamic memory Allocation in C programs” in the book “let us C”

Of course the book the C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE by Brian W.Kernighan, Dennis M.Ritchie is a standard textbook but it is harder to understand

Why do you say Dennis’s book is hard to understand?

if you have read the Dennis book then the preface of the book says it is not an introductory programming manual

further, he says he assumes that you have some basic programming knowledge such as variables, assignment statements, loops, and functions

Here’s another one

A book called data structures using C by Reema Thareja was written for data structure and algorithms but before she began data structure and algorithms concepts she wrote an introduction to C programming

She finishes C programming language in just 38 pages which is even tight and shorter than the let us C book

Thereafter, she covers arrays, strings, structures, unions

Okay, then what is missing in this book

You won’t find concepts called the scope of a variable and storage classes, C pre-processor, File input/output

So, I assume you have brought one or two books for C programming

Of course, you can also learn C programming  from  online tutorials such as Udemy and many more

Another key point, in case, if you have brought an online course, then in that case also you need to buy a textbook


Because a text of 500 pages can’t be replaced by an online course

Writing notes from a C textbook

Why should I write notes from the C textbook, I think it is a time-consuming activity so, I will revise C concepts directly from a textbook.


Note-taking is one of the effective ways through which you can learn  C

How notes taking saves time?

Notes-taking means you will only write what matters and leaves the remaining unimportant part

Suppose you have a C textbook of 500 pages in length then by making notes you can shrink its size

The truth is if you have a quality note then, in that case, you can save time in the revision subsequently after that you can revise it more times

Pretty effective right?

While reading the C textbook,  if you can’t understand something, then, at that instant, you can take the help of youtube and google and add it to your notes

Remember programming languages are just syntax the core is algorithms

Learn by doing projects

Don’t read the book for start to finish in between play around and form your question and get back to the textbook

By forming your question by playing around it will naturally  guide you  what is important

Where to find C projects

Github —>

During projects building

As you are building projects in C

if you have any doubts you can ask a question by using stack overflow and stack exchange

You can also search your queries in stack overflow the result will be different when you compared it with google search

You most probably find your quires in stack overflow than in google search

Teach someone

If you teach someone, the C programming language it will become easier for you to recall and understand the concept on a deeper level

Here’s another thing you can do

Explain it to an object such as a rubber duck or write a blog about it

Like it or not,  during the software development process, meanwhile software developers usually,  talk to the object such as rubber duck

But why do they do that?

Because the simple act of explaining or verbalizing some of the assumptions of the code


You may suddenly find the cause of the problem

The truth is usually, developers use this rubber-ducking technique to debug the code which they have written   

Pretty effective right?

Why It is  hard to code

Before you write a program first thing is you need to do is understand  the problem

some people can’t resist the urge to begin coding without understanding the problem

For example, if you want to write a code to find the mean of the random number then you have to know what is mean? before you write code

First understanding then comes code


  • Data structures using C by Reema Thareja
  • Let us C by Yashavant Kanetkar
  • The C programming language by Brian w. Kernighan Dennis M.Ritchie
  • Learning how to learn by Barbara Oakley
  • How to memorize anything by Aditi Singhal
  • The pragmatic programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

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