The best way to learn c programming language effortlessly

The best way to learn C programming language

To be honest, I haven’t studied all the textbooks that are available on the market but I like to share the experience through which I learned the c programming

Start with reading a book called “ let us C by Yashavant Kanetkar”  because it is easier to understand

On the other hand, you will not find some concepts that are related to C such as “Dynamic memory Allocation in C programs” in the book “let us C”

Of course the book the C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE by Brian W.Kernighan, Dennis M.Ritchie is a standard textbook but it is harder to understand

Read the let us C and also make notes so, that you won’t forget  what you have learned and you get back any time to refresh the concept

If you  have any doubt while reading  the book at this instance you  take the help of youtube

Remember programming languages are just syntax the core is algorithms

20%/80%  rule

No matter how many books or tutorial videos you read and watch its just 20% you get through books and tutorial video

With just reading a book, you won’t grasp it quickly but by doing projects it will easy for you to understand the concept

The Real 80% c language  you will get by doing projects  

No matter how many books you might  have read you won’t be having confidence in you

the  real of confidence of mastering c language comes by doing projects and learning

Learn  the  fundamentals  of C

Little advance topics

Advance: learn data structures and algorithms

  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Linked lists
  • Queues
  • Stacks

Learn  their basic operations

Traversing, deleting, inserting, searching

Learn by doing projects

Don’t read the book for start to finish in between play around and form your question and get back to the textbook

By forming your question by playing around it will naturally  guide you  what is important

Where to find C projects

Github —>

During projects building

As you are building projects in C

if you have any doubts you can ask a question by using stack overflow and stack exchange

You can also search your queries in stack overflow the result will be different when you compared it with google search

You most probably find your quires in stack overflow than in google search

Teach someone

If you teach someone, the C programming language it will become easier for you to recall and understand the concept in a deeper level

Why It is  hard to code

Before you write a program first thing is you need to do is understand  the problem

some people can’t resist the urge to begin coding without understanding the problem

For example, if you want to write a code to find the mean of the random number then you have to know what is mean? before you write code

First understanding then comes code


  • Data structures using C by Reema Thareja
  • Let us C by Yashavant Kanetkar
  • The C programming language by Brian w. Kernighan Dennis M.Ritchie

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