software developer life cycle guide by John Sonmez

[book review] The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide [ the software developer life cycle]

The book, the complete software developer’s career guide[ software developer life cycle ] is written by John Sonmez from greater San Diego area

he started his career as an application developer in June 2001 he runs a youtube channel called Bulldog Mindset with 179,396 subscribers and 19,391,567 views. He also does blogging on a website called,

The book contains 798 pages with 5 section and 60 small chapters in it

the first section is called getting started as a software developer, second section: getting a job

third section: what you need to know about software development.

fourth section: working as a developer, fifth section: advancing your career.

What problem’s the book solve[ software developer life cycle ]

  • the book  teaches how to create a plan to become a software developer, if you don’t have a plan then you will probably fail in this field
  • what technical skill’s you need  to become a software developer 
  • He explained how to develop technical skill’s by a process first you have to know what you are learning and what is the scope of it, learn by doing, reading daily 30 minutes of expert blog’s, practice programming language with  algorithm’s  to master it
  • The book explained the reality of going to college and urge us to make learning as your own responsibility, no one going to teach anything also many students end’s up in debt, or mortgage their home
  • What things are necessary in order to get a job such as online presence, a portfolio GitHub profile, freelance work
  • How to apply for a job, instead of blasting 100 emails building useful projects, creating a resume
  • Do inbound marketing to build a reputation by blog, writing books, video tutorials, and podcast

My view of the book

This book is written in simple and plain language and teaches to have a plan to become a software developer otherwise you will move here and there without any result.

I like the concept of knowing what you are learning what scope it has, I did master’s in telecommunication during that I learn latex programming, fiber splicing and learned Matlab and java without learning data structure and algorithm I think when you don’t have a proper answer why you learning something then you are wasting your time because learning is an ocean. And the questions are a compass to anchor you in the that ocean

I think when we enter into the field of software development one should daily go back to the notes of data structures and algorithm so that to have a good grip over it.

Now I know that it is important to know what you are learning and how we gonna use it otherwise if we don’t have a clear answer in our mind then we are wasting our time. I also agree with John Sonmez that learning should be our own responsibility

I also agree with John Sonmez that we need to have a plan, suppose when we go to school the reality of the school is that people are spending a lot of money on education but after graduation when you didn’t get a job that will turn out be a big problem, because you already invested a lot of time and money in it, but no result out of it

Con’s of the book

By  reading this book you will feel you will quickly become a software developer but trust me, it will take time, he teaches in this book to do blogging, doing blogging is not simple, with  personal experience I feel,  creating a website is not easy and also the fact that I  believe, if I am gonna do something in life I will do it right otherwise I won’t do it, so whenever I do blogging I always make sure the picture which I am using good quality and good content.

the book contains a list of the book’s to read, the list which he has given is good but not in order it will be confusing for a newbie  to read  the book called  introduction to algorithm(clrs) we can’t read it until and unless you have firm grip in data structure another book called cracking the coding interview we cannot read this book, in order to read this book we  need to  have a grip on data structures and algorithm

The book is actually a plan and to turns, that plan into reality will take a lot of time

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