Learning cpp by let us c++ by yashavant kanetkar

learning cpp through The book” let us c++” which is written by Author Yashavant Kanetkar. A well know author for the book called let us C,

the book” let us c++” contain about 601 pages with 13 chapter’s

Chapter  1: intro to oop

Chapter  2: Graduating to c++

Chapter  3: Functions

Chapter  4: Classes in c++

Chapter  5: The c++ free store

Chapter  6: Miscellaneous class issues

Chapter  7: Data structures through c++

Chapter  8: Inheritance

Chapter  9: Virtual functions

Chapter  10 : input/output in c++

Chapter  1 1: Advanced features

Chapter 12: Templates

Chapter 13: Exception Handling

Why this book?

The reason why I chose this book because I had a good impression on  a book called let us C, which is written by the same author and I took about 25 days to finish this book  with self-written notes on this book

Resources Used in learning Cpp?

In order to read this book, I took the help of youtube videos + geekforgeek website+ some google search to clear the concepts of this book, according to me, some concepts in this book  so obscure that after reading also you won’t get it even though he has written this book in simple English

My  view of the book

I feel the book is not effective if I compare it with” let us C”, which is written by the same author, for the concepts like function overloading, inline function I used GeekforGeek website + youtube videos to clear the concepts and took notes from the internet rather than this textbook.

For example, the constructor concept in this book is written but it is much difficult to get the concept, for  all most all concepts I used the internet to clear the concepts rather than this textbook

Overall after reading this book, I find the concepts of this book is well explained on the websites like GeekforGeek with simple and small examples

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